Infinity Sessions- Australian Electronic Music show created by JP Sounds. With artist Interviews and Music Videos. 



Have you always wanted to record your own song? 

JP Sounds can help. Offering affordable prices to suit your budget. Contact Producer James Peden for a meeting to talk about what he can do for you.

JP Sounds Records-



-Piano/ Keyboard/ midi keys


-Electric Drums/ midi drums

-Voice Overs


-Different styles of music- 

Acoustic, Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Country.

JP Sounds has now launched JP Sounds Productions. 

Offering services to musicians and artists to assist them with their music needs.


- Visual Music Video (starting from $100)

- Music Videos

- Website

- Graphic Design (banners, profile photos, CD covers, band posters)

- Band & Gig posters

- Artist advice

- Recording (mix and mastering)

Contact for quote-

Artists JP Sounds has worked with;

Stacey New- Visual Music Video

Leanne Pirera & Russell Bratton- Visual Music Video

Steven Health- Meet Me In The Middle- Audio